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Initial Thoughts on the PC Inquiry and TURC


The Australian Institute of Employment Rights (AIER) looks at what is coming up:

  • The government is using the TURC report to push for the Senate to pass its legislation to bring back the Australian Building and Construction Commission and Registered Organisations Bill;
  • Employer groups are pressuring to further strengthen the ability of employers to dictate wages and conditions; and
  • The union movement is defending existing conditions, in particular Sunday penalty rates.

These are all important issues. The AIER’s position in relation to these three issues are:

  • The AIER opposes both the ABCC and Registered Organisations bills as fundamentally contrary to the right of freedom of association.
  • The AIER stands for a fair and balanced industrial relations system and is unsurprised that employer groups are using this opportunity to push for greater managerial prerogative that in our view would further unbalance the system.
  • The AIER supports the retention of penalty rates as they are important for those who access them but the high profile of penalty rates in the debate is more a reflection of an issue that is easy to understand and campaign around.

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