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The ‘Sharing Economy’ Is a Sham for Workers


Jim Hightower reports on brats in C21:
Pouty, whiney, and spoiled-bratism is not nice coming from a four-year-old—but it’s grotesque when it comes from billion-dollar corporate elites like Uber and Lyft.
The two internet-based ride-hiring (they call themselves “ridesharing,” but they don’t share anything, and their business model relies on folks needing a ride to hire a driver through their app) brats have swaggered into cities all across our country, insisting that they’re innovative, tech-driven geniuses. As such, they consider themselves above the old laws that other transportation companies, like taxis, follow. So Uber and Lyft have made it a corporate policy to throw hissy fits when cities—from Los Angeles to Atlanta, Houston to Portland—have dared even to propose that they obey rules too.


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