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What is the “Nuit Debout”?


rance is still under a state of emergency introduced after the terrorist attacks last November, but major strikes, occupations, marches and other actions have been taking place since the labor bill was introduced. If adopted, the law would allow individual contracts between employers and employees that need not respect the current national labor regulations negotiated by the unions, thus making it easier for contracts to be terminated, workhours to be increased, overtime pay reduced, severance packages cut, and so on.
The movement, following on Spain’s Indignados and Occupy Wall Street, is called Nuit Debout, “Arise Night” or “Standing-up Night.” In French political culture “debout” has significant resonance as it’s the first word in the “Internationale” (“Arise…!”). For example groups that have been formed like “Radio Debout” and “Feministes Debout” evoke a sense of resistance among the French.

Roar has an interview with activists on the frontline and Jacobin has a detailed write up of the developments and what’s next


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